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Head Office NICE Automatic Gate
Jl. Bandengan Utara
Kompleks Bandengan Indah Blok A 31-32   
Jakarta - Indonesia
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Automatic Gate
For sectional doors up to 12.5 m² and up-and-over garage doors up to 11.8 m² with Nice BlueBUS technology.
230 Vac irreversible electromechanical gear motor, for residential use, with belt drive, 24 Vdc motor, with magnetic encoder.

Complete version of the guide in 3x1 m sections.

Compatible for operation with Solemyo and Opera systems.Rapid installation - anywhere!
The adjustable head, cord-type release and cable-controlled, step-by-step release can be fi tted in any part of the garage in order to actuate the system without a remote control device and without
the need to install wall-mounted control units!

Guaranteed savings and respect for the environment
with the connection to the mains in standby mode the control unit with radio connected consumes just 0.8 W (SPIN30) and 1.2 W (SPIN40); when connected to a battery or to the Solemyo kit, consumption in standby mode is reduced to 0.036 W.
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